Astre II

Purebred spanish horse

Born in 2014

Approbation :  PRE* - AES

*purebred spanish horse

<<   A young stallion who will seduce the color's horse lovers ! The solid value for an original and commercial production.  >>

His origins

His performances


  • 2 deuxièmes primes sur deux sorties en CL dressage 1ère année

Astre has not participated to many competitions, he has focused on his breeding-career until now.

His production

    Astre's first foals are excepted in 2020 since he has done his first breeding season in 2019.

His story

   Born on April 22th of 2014, in Spain at M. Josep Ginesta Roura, Astre arrived in France in february 2018, when Mrs Auriane Notin bought him.

     Astre is a skillfull horse, who is excellent for dressage but who also fits to horse shows' exercices thanks to his flawless mental and his generosity at work. 

      He stands out by his charism and his Perlino color don't let anyone indiferent ! Astre will insure you a production 100% colorfull !

Crossbreeding advices

      This  Perlino (EeAACRCRgg) stallion will only produces foals with diluted colors. Thanks to his genotype he can produce palomino, dun, cremello or perlino foals (homozygous on the agouti gene he can't produce Smocky Black). He must pass down to his products his style, his classy look, flexibility and model. He also has an excellent temper. He will seduce the pure breeder and the ambitious ones.
       With Astre, we will prefer mare with strenght, a good activity on the hinquarters especially for a "sport" production

His parents

Tralla V

Revoltoso XXIX  x  Barquillero LV


Conditions de monte

IAC: 250,00 € + 600,00 €

Tarifs TTC incluant les envois.- Garantie poulain vivant 48h - IAC pour 16 paillettes qualité aux normes HN.

Carte supplémentaire IAC -50%  -  Mise en place -50% pour toute jument inséminée chez nous. 

Egalement disponible en Monte Naturelle à l'élevage du Phoenix près de Nantes (44)

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