Beyonceh du Val Jouen

French-Saddle Horse

 " Respect - Temper  - Reactivity "

>  ISO 121 - 5 pts PACE  <

Her origins


Her performances

2019 - At 8 years old:

  • Winner in GP 130cm

  • Rankings in GP 135cm

Her story

Born in 2011 at Charles-Henri Ferme in Normandy, Beyonceh is sold and join Mona Ferry in Monaca. Then her schooling will be entrust to Wilfried Pierrot with whom she ranks in GP130 and GP135 at 8 years old. In 2019, Beyonceh came back in Normandy.

In the same time as projects for her sport career, embryos’s transferts are planned to start her breeding career. In addition to her inherents qualities, Beyonceh also have a very interesting genetic for a breeding career.

Her production

In 2019, Beyonceh has no products yet.

Her collaterals

Maternal family and cousins

Diana Phir

Jabad X Gaur (PS)

French-Saddle Horse originel 's mare born in 1991 at Philippe Rochais

Second mother of Beyonceh.

10 pts PACE - ISO 150

Sweet Phir

Quercus du Maury X Clown du Chesnay

French-Saddle Horse originel's gelding born in 2006 at Philippe Rochais.

Son of Kaline Phir, uterine's sister of Diana Phir, 2nd mother of Beyonceh

Nations's cup under the saddle of Clément Boulanger.

ISO 157 

Et Cetera Z

Zangersheide Male born in 2011 chez Eric Palmer

Son of Diana Phir

Is now progressing under the saddle of Hélène Palmer in CSI** GP 145cm

  ISO 137

Uterine's brothers & sisters


Kannan X Quaprice BM

French-Saddle Horse's male born in 2017 at Francois-Xavier Guyard.

Uterine's brother of Beyonceh.

BSO + 18


Untouchable M X Quaprice BM

French-Saddle Horse's mare born in 2016 at Francois-Xavier Guyard.

Uterine's sister of  Beyonceh.

BSO + 19  ||  4 pts PACE

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