Cairnglass Candy

Welsh Cob - Dead

Her origins

Her performances

No performance known in France.

Her story

Bought in 2014, not so young and without any informations about her past, Cairnglass Candy will have two male products for the Parad’Izia-k Studs. She died in 2018 of a colic. 


Cairnglass Candy was Perlino Welsh Cob mare offering a model with a lot of strengths. We keep a very good memory of this pony who had been one of our first mare.

Her production

Feeling Paradiziak

Cairnglass Candy X Valkmo Silver Fame

Born on May 1st 2015, this pretty perlino male is registered on the Welsh K Stud-book. Feeling was sold in 2016 and is now progressing in the South of France.

Hashtag Paradiziak

Cairnglass Candy X Stetson

Born on June 21 of 2017,  this Champagne Creme Ambre foal is registered on the Welsh K stud-book.

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