Idylle Paradiziak 

French Saddle Horse (Label Originel)

Born in 2018

Her origins

Ses performances

This horse has no performances yet.

Son Histoire

     Born on April 11th of 2018 from the crossing of Ukara de Nesque X Daswam (AA), she is the true sister of  Histoire ¨Paradiziak, born in 2017. 

     Idylle is a beautiful bay foal, very sociable, well built with a model who seems to be stronger than her sister. A future sport's mare full of promises... 

Her parents


Naswan X Ory

Daswam is an anglo-arabian stallion born from the crossing of Naswan X Ory. ISO132, he is the father of 150 products in France.

Stallion available (frozen semen) in our studs.


Gabyscion X Verdi

Ukara is a French Saddle Horse's mare born from the crossing of Gabyscion X Verdi.

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