Jackpot Paradiziak 

Welsh Part-Bred 

Born in 2019

His origins

His performances

This foal has no performances yet.

His story

        Born on April 25th of 2019, Jackpot is the resultat of an ambitious crossing between a charismatic pony C and an outstanding French Saddle Horse's mare.

     His name came like an evidence when we saw him. He has unherited the 3 colors genes of his father, his malicous look and his pony personnality, A real Jackpot because he seems to have also unherited his mom's size and energy...!
    Jackpot is growing up in our breeding farm, he is a real satisfaction for us.

His parents


Eyarth Troy X Tequila

Crocus is a Welsh Part Bred's Stallions. He is the son of Eyarth Troy and Tequila. He evoluted on CCJP 6 ans C.

Evoluting in Pélite.


Jasmin X Kayack

Kriquette is a french saddle horse's mare born from the crossing of Jasmin X Kayack. ISO143. 5 PACE pts. 

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