Joly Rêve Paradiziak 

French Saddle Pony

Born in 2019

His origins

His performances

This foal has no performances yet.

His story

    Born on May 14th of 2019, Joly Rêve is a french saddle pony dun foal. Thanks to his father’s origins, he gets the blood of the famous Cornet Obolensky (Windows VH Costersveld). Joly Rêve is a foal with a serious and solid model and a distinguiched head.

      This foal is nice and promising, he was sold under his mother to the Haras de Beauvais (72). 

His parents


Cornet Obolensky (Windows VH Costersvelds) X Rahan d'Hurl'vent

!Frenchcornet est un étalon de race Poney Français de Selle issu du croisement Cornet Obolensky (Windows VH Costersvelds) X Rahan d'Hurl'vent.
Champion du Chp ANPFS à 2 ans et Vice Champion à 3 ans. Finaliste et Elite du chp CCJP 4ans D en 2019 !


Nova is a Palomino Sooty pony (with unknown origins) tipically Welsh.

She is also Forever's mother who also had a foal of Frenchcornet d'Odival in 2019.

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