Joyful Star Paradiziak 


Born in 2019

<<  During sunset, stars come out   >>

Her origins

Her performances

This foal has no performances yet.

Her story

          Born on May 20th of 2019, Joyful Star was born from the ambitious crossing of a Classic Pony (100cm) and a tall mare (French Trotter)entre un Classic Pony (100cm). Joyful Star is registered at AES and should be a D pony. She might have the Silver gene, thanks to her father's color.

     The story of this foal is particular, her father used to be a star, a show pony. He was an unfailing friend for us during some years. He leaved us after a fight against a rare disease. Now star, he leaves behind him, this little star with a malicous look.

Her parents


Poldi Von Der Heldenbourg X Janosch V Schedetal

Pépito is a pony with foreign origins (DEU) born from the crossing Poldi Von Der Heldenburg X Vanosch V Schedetal.


Chef du Chatelet X Moktar

Marquise is a French Trotter mare born from the crossing of Chef du Chatelet X Moktar.

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