Justadream Paradiziak 

French Saddle Pony

Born in 2019

Her origins

Her performances

This foal has no performances yet.

Her story

      Born on May 2nd of 2019, Justadream is a female french saddle pony with a palomino color. Thanks to her father’s origins, she gets the blood of the famous Cornet Obolensky (Windows VH Costersveld).

     Justadream has inhereted the blood, the temper and the sport’s model of her mother that she can’t disown. We hope that she will be has good as her father for show jumping.

     Justadream is our first foal born from an embryo’s transfer (Pony).

Her parents

Cornet Obolensky X Rahan d'Hurl'vent

Frenchcornet is a French Saddle Pony’s stallion born from the crossing of Cornet Obolensky (Windows VH Costersvelds) X Rahan d’Hurl’vent.
Champion du Chp ANPFS à 2 ans et Vice Champion à 3 ans. Finaliste et Elite du chp CCJP 4ans D en 2019 !



Nova X Valkmo Silver Fame

Forever Paradiziak est une ponette de race Poney Français de Selle issue du croisement Nova X Valkmo Silver Fame.

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