Fabrice DANOY gives you all his competencies with the insurance of his 15 years of experience in the National Stud. With him and his wife Izia LE GOFF, your mare can foal in optimal conditions.

  • 200,00€ (ouf of taxes) - Foaling

  • 13.00€ (out of taxes) - Daily livery for a mare without a foal

  • 14.30€ (out of taxes) - Daily livery for a mare 

Prices :

Our foaling prices include  the  administrations of  “sérum anti-tétanique et trivalent” at birth and the care for the mare and her foal. Supervision and evaluation of the colostrum with a colo-test (in case the colo-test is bad we have a colostrum bank).
Vet clinic at 15 minutes - Duty H24

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