Quoirie Blue

French Saddle Horse

 " Model  - Strenght  - Genetic "

>  3,5 PACE pts  <

Her origins

Her performances

No sports career. 

Her career was dedicated to breeding.

In 2018, she won the section brood-mare with her foal (French Saddle Horse) at Chemiré-en-Charnie (72). 
3,5  PACE points

Her story

    Quoirie Blue was born in 2004. Bought to her breeder Michel Frigot in 2016. Quoirie has a lot of qualities from the good selection work of the MF breeding farm.. Quoirie is a very good brood mare who has many strenghts points, a good model and a nice personnality

Sa production

Candy de Nantuel X Mr Blue

Born on April 26th of 2018, If Only is a tall female foal registered on the French Saddle Horse's Stud-Book.

If Only Paradiziak

Tinka's Boy X Mr Blue

Born in 2010at MF breeding farm, Abacaros is progressing on 135cm and CSI 2* in Egypt. 


Lando X Mr Blue

Born in 2009 at MF breeding farm, Vamperra has participated to competitions until 130cm.


Expected for 2020...

- Quoirie Blue X Quel Homme de Hus

- Quoirie Blue X Candy de Nantuel (Via TE)

Quaprice BM X Mr Blue

Born in 2008 at MF breeding famr, Uxhoria has a son with an index : ISO129. She was sold at Choc breeding farm where she's still reproducing.


Lando X Mr Blue

Born in 2011 at MF breeding farm, Baby doll participated to competitions until 120 cm at 6 years. Then, she started her breeding career.

Baby Doll

Her collaterals

Calvados Z X Mr Blue

Born in 2008, at MF breeding farm, Coulonces has participated to internationals competitions untill 140 cm. He was sold to the USA.

Coulonces Z

Parco X Mr Blue

Born in 2006 at MF breeding farm, Shoiro has progressed on free cycles. He was sold in Switzerland.


L'Arc de Triomphe X Mr Blue

Born in 2016 at MF breeding farm, Grand l'Arc was sold to Lejeune Stables.

Grand Arc MF

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