VDL Sheraton


Born in 1995 

Registred :  SF - KWPN - SWB

Size :  169 cm / 16h3

<<   Sheraton is a stallion wih strength, respect and a quality gallop. He has the best German origins and his products have qualified for CSIO 5*    >>

His origins

His performances

  • Approved as KWPN stallion at 3 years, he shone during his tests with a 10/10 for his jumping qualities 

  • Approved Selle-Francais Studbook in 2007

​Good performer under the saddle of Niklas Arvidsson (SWE), Sheraton progressed until GP4* /1m55. He ranked regularly on the international circuit in Europe.

  • 2nd of the Boras GP 4* - Winner of the 1m40 GP

  • 2nd of the Kungsbacka GP 4*

  • Winner of Halmstad GP

Under the saddle of Suzanne Teper (NED), he ranked in


  • 3rd of the VHO of KWPN trophy in Zuidbroek

  • 2nd and 5th of Melsomvik CSI

  • 5th of the Vesttold CSI

A point on his origins

  • His father : C INDOCTRO is a cornerstone of the KWPN stud-book, ranked as one of the best fathers of winners  in show-jumping on a world level, with more than 250 winners in international competitions.

  • His mother : GINELLA is classed as a "staat-premie Elite", She got many accolades and the excellent grade of 10/10 on show-jumping. She has in  many famous germans origins in her genes, for example the blood of Calypso II, Grannus and Gotthard. She was born into a family with many winners in international competitions. She has also produced Calatos 2 (Calato) CSI 4*, Contador (Contendro) CSI 2*, Golda D (Stakkato) CSI 1*.


His story

    Born on March 10th 1999 in Germany, Sheraton already has a lot of success as a young horse since he obtained his KWPN approbation at 3 years with the excellent grade of 10/10. This 1m69 (16h3) horse progressed until 1m55 ridden with only a simple bridle.

           After the announcement of his retirement, Sheraton was sold and arrived in France in 2017. He will stand at stud in our centre in Normandy this season.

                In 2019, he is the father of 467 foals, mainly in Northern Europe and the Netherlands.


Crossbreeding advice

     VDL Sheraton passes on strength, stretch, respect and a very good mentality to his foals. He is a flexible horse with an amazing aptitude for show-jumping and rapidity on the front. He jumps with a good technique and a really great judgement. He also has 3 good gaits and excellent tissue. His foals are very similar to Indoctro with a pretty head and beautiful eyes. 

      He perfectly fits with energetic mares with whom he will bring out his balanced temper.

His production

       Sheraton has made a splash as a stallion since 2003 when his first foals won at higher levels.

     He has produced foals such as Woklahoma (VDL Sheraton x Calvados), a mare who has progressed until CSIO 1m60 under the saddles of Albert Zoer, then Roberto Teran Tafur, winner of the GP in Zuidbroek, 2nd of the 1m60 CSIO of Wellington and also 4th of the CSI5* World Cup of Wellington in 2015, Zerafina 5 (VDL Sheraton x Numero Uno) CSI5* under the saddle of Andreas Kreuzer, Wings (VDL Sheraton x Corland) CSO 1m60 under the saddle of Seyid Musayev, Winde R.a.g (VDL Sheraton x Cavalier) CSO 155 under the saddle of Kirsten Rikkert, Chakira (VDL Sheraton x Ramiro Z) CSO 1m55 under the saddle of the egyptian Abdel Saïd, Times Square (VDL Sheraton x Corland) CSI 3* in Japan.

       A young production with a lot of promising foals on every continent. Results to follow - they are a many are currently competing and progressing to high levels.

        In France, we have Weraton, alias Well Done II (VDL Sheraton X Zeus), Julien Gonin's crack with an ISO175, winner of the GP in the Dinard CSI3*, winner of the 150 at CSI3* in Megeve, 7th of the 160 in the CSI5* of Paris, Wisconsin (VDL Sheraton x Jus de Pomme) ISO 162, competitions until 1m60 with Jean-Luc Mourier, 2nd of the CSI4* in Bourg-en-Bresse. Ulloa du Trefle (VDL Sheraton x Double Espoir) ISO154 performer until 160 under the saddle of Nicolas Deuseuzes, on the ascent, lately 6th of the CSI5* of Bordeaux and 6th of the CSI5* of Lyon.


VDL Sheraton x Calvados

Born in 2003, Woklahoma was born from the crossing of VDL Sheraton x Calvados. She progressed until CSIO 1m60 under the saddle of Roberto Teran Tafur.

Appy Girl du Refleh

Nomade du Perthois X Sparrow Aluinn

Née le 11 avril 2010, Appy Girl est issue du croisement Nomade du Perthois X Jolly Girl d'Orgeres (Sparrow Aluinn.)

AS 2 / Pélite D

Weraton (Well Done)

VDL Sheraton x Zeus

Born in 2003 in Nederlands, Weraton was born from the crossing of VDL Sheraton x Zeus, he progressed until GP160 under the saddle of Julien Gonin.

BSO +22


VDL Sheraton x Jus de Pomme

Born in 2003 in Nederlands, Wisconsin was born from the crossing of VDL Sheraton x Jus de Pomme. He progressed until 160 with Jean-Luc Mourier

BSO +20

Ulloa du Trèfle

VDL Sheraton x Double Espoir

Born in 2008, Ulloa du Trèfle is progressing under the saddle of Nicolas Deseuzes until GP160.

BSO +16


VDL Sheraton x Ramiro Z

Born in 2007, Chakira was born from the crossing of VDL Sheraton x Ramiro Z. She is now progressing in GP 155 under the saddle of Abdel Saïd

Winde R.A.G

VDL Sheraton x Cavalier

Born in 2003, Winde R.A.G  was born from the crossing of VDL Sheraton x Cavalier. She progressed under the saddle of Kirsten Rikkert until GP155.

     Sheraton also seems to be a very good father of mother because many of his grand sons are performing on the international stage. Driandria (Carthino Z x VDL Sheraton) CSIO 5* 160cm under the saddle of Piergiorgio Bucci. Eindhoven G.H (Vaillant x VDL Sheraton) CSIO 5* 160cm with Rene Tebbel.  Ciandro (Carthino Z x VDL Sheraton) CSO 1m50 under the saddle of Marie-Louise Thomas. Angelina Van't Klein Asdonk Z (Andiama x VDL Sheraton) CSO 1m50 with Manfredi Macchiarella ... and many more ! 

Conditions de monte 2020

IAC:  250 € TTC + 900 € TTC
IART: 250 € TTC + 900 € TTC

IAI/IAF: 150 € TTC + 900 € TTC

Monte en main : 100 € TTC + 900 € TTC

Tarifs TTC incluant les envois.- Garantie poulain vivant 48h - IAC pour 24 paillettes qualité aux normes HN

Carte supplémentaire IAC avec les paillettes restantes -50%   

Mise en place -50% pour toute jument inséminée chez nous. 

Une saillie achetée de Sheraton = Réduction -50% sur le solde d'une saillie de Far West de la Violle.

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